dynise balcavage

copywriter | creative director 

Philly-based. World-focused.



I solve creative problems in the medical and pharmaceutical arenas, with a laser-focus on strategy. Elegant integration between copy, design, and UX is key.

I navigate the challenges of a highly regulated industry by providing impeccable scientific validation – whether your goal is to push boundaries or stay the course.



Science nerd. Infectiously positive. 

I'm an award-winning copywriter and creative director, specializing in interactive health care and pharmaceutical advertising. I've been in pharma since 2002, and I'm still having fun and getting things done – the right way. I've worked on blockbuster brands for top East Coast, West Coast and international agencies. I'm fluent in consumer, HCP/B2B, and French.

After hours, I run with the Philadelphia Runner Track Club (5K to marathon). I'm also obsessed with vegetarian cooking and am the author of 3 mass-market cookbooks.

creative direction
medical writing




I've worked in countless therapeutic categories.

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